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Mission Statement

This website is an open knowledge base and communication platform for education and research regarding archaeological field-survey in the Mediterranean. This collaborative website is aimed at both students and scholars and provides in extensive background information on projects, researchers, theory, methods and practice of survey archaeology and related areas, such as computer applications in archaeology. In addition, the website is home of the ArchaeoSurveyor project.

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We hope to decrease distance between knowledge, research and education for archaeological field-survey, by:

  • Orderly presenting concepts, publications, researchers and projects
  • Structuring this information using innovative techniques, enabling a student/researcher to approach the information along several axes
  • Maintaining an open structure, enabling the wiki and forum to be a (inter-universitary) platform for discussion between students and researchers

For instructions and details, see the help page.

See this recent introduction in Tijdschift voor Mediterrane Archeologie for more information (Dutch).

Team Survey Archaeology

Jitte Waagen (project supervisor, chief editor)
Ivan Kisjes (web development)
Joeri Wetters (design)
Lennart Kruijer (editor)
Rogier Kalkers (editor)

See contact page for details.


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The Survey Archaeology website is a collaborative platform based on free open source, open course ware and open access. The administrators moderate this website and its forum and reserve the right to edit and/or delete any inaccurate or abusive contributions. However, they cannot be held responsible for any information contained in or linked from this website. Please contact us in case of any inconsistencies or copyright violation.