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Dr. Tymon de Haas

Dr. Tymon de Haas
de Haas
Poststraat 6, 9712 RJ, Groningen
Post-doctoral researcher
Projects: Džarylgač Survey Project (DSP), Pontine Region Project (PRP), Raganello Archaeological Project (RAP), The Minor Centers Project
Publications: Fields, frams and colonists. Intensive field survey and Early Roman Colonization in the Pontine region, Central Italy
After graduating in Archaeology and Prehistory (cum laude) at the University of Groningen, I have as a researcher been involved in archaeological projects in central and southern Italy and in Crimea, Ukrain and I have taught various courses at BA level. From 2005 onwards I have been working on my dissertation entitled Fields, farms and colonists: intensive field survey and early Roman colonization in the Pontine region, central Italy, which I successfully defended in December 2011. Since October 2011 I am employed as a post-doctoral researcher within the project Fora, stationes and sanctuaries: the role of minor centres in the Roman economy (in short: the Minor Centers Project).

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Regions: Central Italy, Crim, Southern Italy
Periods: Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman
Institutes: University of Groningen